Welcome to Reality Check Authentication Service. You've likely arrived at our website because, put simply, you need to know whether or not a designer/luxury item is authentic, and/or what it is worth. You may be buying your first designer item or adding to your collection. Or you may need help with an issue on ebay, paypal, or your credit card company. Whether you are considering selling a designer item, or have already bought one, there are several important reasons to make sure your item is authentic. We understand and take seriously that a single counterfeit item is not only illegal, it can undermine, and in some instances, sink a business and destroy a hard earned reputation. And we would love to help you!  Sadly, most sales associates rarely know what to look for in their own current lines, let alone vintage, when it comes to distinguishing a real from a fake. Therefore, most brands expressly prohibit their staff from authenticating in store (liability issues if they are wrong).  A professional service such as ours is invaluable to the online luxury market, and if you are a re-seller, priceless to your reputation. We would love to be your chosen authentication service and assist you whether you are a buyer, collector, re-seller, auction house or consignor. 

 We are a small collective of  highly respected, highly specialized and highly experienced independent authenticators who have been in the luxury business for many, many years as buyers, sellers, collectors and lovers of luxury and designer brands.  We are very aware of the current designer market, always studying, keeping a keen eye on past and present authentic and counterfeit markets.  We have been called on as court experts, all of us have run our own businesses for many years, and all of us proudly belong to many anti-counterfeit organizations.  We know vintage and modern manufacturing techniques. Our experts know what anomalies are acceptable with a real bag or designer item and what are not. We understand, appreciate and respect the history of the  design houses. We don't guess, we don't assume. We believe in accuracy and quality over rushed quantity. I dare say we have assembled the cream of the crop available of authenticators in their respective brands.