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Terms of Service- by using our service, you agree to the following terms- You understand that this is a professional service, providing well educated opinions of goods based on our extensive collective experience, research and knowledge of said brands and the retail and resale market.  You agree to hold harmless Reality Check Authentication Services and its agents for any dispute or disagreement or undesired result that may arise based on rendered opinion. Your sole remedy for any such occurrence will be a refund of your fees paid to us. LLC Pending. No parts, pictures, writings, or contents of this site may be used/copied/plagiarized without the express written permission of site owner. We are not affiliated with any of the trademarked brands mentioned in this website. Copyright 2015-16, all rights reserved.



Authentication (not specified below)-          $17

Chanel, Celine, Loewe, FLP, Goyard, Prada, Givenchy and Saint Laurent (non-vintage)-   $25                                           

Hermes accessories/belts/scarves-                $18

Hermes bags-                                                    $35

Jewelry/watches over $500 value-                  $40

PDF Detailed dispute report suitable for paypal/ebay/credit card purposes-                $40 

ADD-ON SERVICES- only available with one of the above services              

Certificate of Authenticity PDF-                     $15

Item Identification/Item valuation-              $10
Rush service (within 24 hrs)-                         $15

We Offer the Following Services for your authentication needs. We do most major/premier and popular designer brands. If you do no see a service or brand you need help with, please contact us. We can often help or guide you to a reputable source who can help.

1)  Please send payment first via the dropdown menu on this page. You may also send via Paypal, with your item name in the subject line, to

2) ​Then separately email the photos and/or link to your item to the same email- We try to keep a 48 hour turn-around time, though that may be longer depending on the difficulty or value of the item in question, and high volume seasons. CHANEL 15 series and up, Hermes and other bags that are well-faked may have a 4-5 day turn around time, depending on how long it takes to get the high quality photos we need. 

Photographs needed-

Please keep in mind we will need numerous high quality photos to make a determination on your item. We cannot overstate this enough. The more photos, in good light (natural daylight by a window or covered porch  is best), no flash or direct sunlight, with macro or super macro settings, the better.Using a photosharing service and sending unlocked link is highly recommended. They will vary by brand, but in general we will need the following-





All parts of the closure or zipper, top, bottom, front/back,etc.

All snap parts

Heatstamps/patched, tags



handles, straps


any additional markings or hardware

packaging if present (dustbags, tags, reciepts, etc)